Cohousing Sangha Centre
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To strengthen Buddhist practice and cultivate community.

This site is dedicated to developing a cohousing community together with a lay sangha centre somewhere in the UK for people practising Buddhism in connection with the OBC.  

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Over the last year we have continued to explore how best to set up a Cohousing Sangha Centre.  It became apparent that trying to form a community of people for the cohousing part in advance was not going to work, so we are now planning the project from the Centre outwards.  


The overall vision remains the same, but now the plan is to buy a place (possibly a collection of farm buildings) which could operate as a Centre, and which also has scope for people to move into surrounding buildings and develop the site over time.   This will get the place up and running, and then we will be in a position to handle the ongoing development in an organic way over time.


So we are still interested in hearing from people who might want to live in the Cohousing neighbourhood, and we are also interested in hearing from people who might want to help run the Centre.  The current planning group will probably continue in some form as a Trustee-like body (which is also open for new joiners), and then we hope to find a core group of people to manage the day-to-day running of the place.




We still have the seed fund offer of £200,000 to help the project get started, and we are now inviting pledges of support to increase this fund in order to get the Centre going.  Please see here for details.  We are inviting pledges (loans or donations) from February to the end of April, after which time we will see where we stand.  (Here is the Pledge form.)  We may also be looking at a bank loan, so that with three sources of funding we hope to be able to acquire a suitable property.